Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Breaking up is hard to do...

OK... I know we've only known each other for a short time, but I need some space. Its not's me! I can't explain it, but I just know its the right thing to do for now. Its the right thing for both of us. It hurts but...

I have decided to stop blogging, but will be visiting the rest of your sites frequently and leaving comments here and there! Thanks for coming over and being part of my world for a while...and good luck! Who knows, one day I might return!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Praise The Colorectal Surgeon

A friend of mine sent me this and being a nurse I find it hilarious...just wanted to share! It is a song by Bowser and Blue, it's much funnier when it is sung, but I dont know how to add a sound clip??

"We praise the colorectal surgeon
Misunderstood and much maligned
Slaving away in the heart of darkness
Working where the sun don't shine.

Respect the Colorectal Surgeon
Its a calling few would crave
Lift up your hands and join us
Lets all do the finger wave!

When it comes to spreading joy
There are many techniques
Some spread joy to the world
And others just spread cheeks!

Some may think the cardiologist
Is their best friend
But the Colorectal Surgeon knows
He'll get you in the end!

Why a Colorectal Surgeon
Its one of those mysterious things
Is it because in that profession
There are always openings?

When I first met a Colorectal Surgeon
He did not quite understand
I said "Hey its nice to meet you"
But do you mind we dont shake hands?

He sailed right through medical school
Because he was a whizz
But he never thought of psychology
Though he read passages

A doctor he wanted to be
For golf he loved to play
But this is not quite what he meant
by 18 holes a day!

Praise the Colorectal Surgeon
Misunderstood and much maligned
Slaving away in the heart of darkness
Working where the sun don't shine!

REDHEADS inspired me with your blonde wig...

I read somewhere that a woman's hair colour corresponds to a traffic light...

Green = Blondes, always give you a green light, are open to trying anything once and thus...they 'supposedly' have all the fun!

Orange = Brunettes, somewhat more serious (? intelligent ?) than blondes, they need to be approached with a little more caution

Red = Redheads, Whoa Nelly! You better stop right there, you aren't going to get anywhere unless they want you to!

Ok so it is a little stereotypical...or is it?
I friend at work recently died her hair red after being blonde for many years. She confided in me (being a fellow redhead) that she felt more MYSTERIOUS, but also less inclined to "get away with stupid things" than if she were blonde.

I HATED being a redhead as a child. I was called (unoriginally) carrot top, Med Head (a med is a tampon in Oz) ...and the rest I have blocked from memory! I hated going to the hairdresser's because they would swarm around me with admiring oooohhhs and ahhhhhs while I shyly cringed under the cape. It drew attention to me and while adults loved it, to other kids I was a freak! As I grew older I started to enjoy the fact that my hair was a different colour to everyone elses. I felt alluring, and special while others suddenly started dying their hair to try and achieve the same look!

Artists such as John Waterhouse, Rosetti, Klimt immortalised us in history.
Emily Dickinson, Clara Bow, Katherine Hepburn, Rita Hayworth, Greer Garson, Lucille Ball, Bette Davis, Deborah Kerr, Shirley Maclaine, Ann Margret, Bette Midler, Maureen O'Hara...Molly Ringwald, Nicole Kidman, Debra Messing, Gillian Anderson, Julianne Moore, Julia Roberts, Susan Sarandon...some are intelligent, sexy, goofy
and we are even hot in cartoon form...Jessica Rabbit, Wilma Flinstone, Thelma and Daphne in Scooby Doo, Ariel in the Little Mermaid!

I tried the dark look for Elvira during last years Halloween...

But I'm more comfortable just being me...

We are unique...and we are taking over the universe!
Do you dare to go red?

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Ying and Yang

Today I am reflecting back on 3 good things and 3 bad things that happened to me this week.

Starting with the bad:

1. I haven't heard anything about my article being accepted for publication yet. I know they said up to 6 weeks before being notified and its only been 2...but I need to know NOW!

2. Working 3x 12hr shifts (7am-7pm + overtime) in a row followed by a 7am- 3pm the next day has meant...sleep, work, eat, Sleep, work, eat etc etc this week.

3. Another week has passed, and the contractors (D&G) have yet again not stepped foot in our kitchen...I've given up and passed the reponsibility over to the O-man. 3 months and still no kitchen!

Finishing with the good to stay feeling good:

1 My Newbie at work is being oriented by myself and another nurse. She requested that she only be with me because she learns more with me...BIG EGO boost!

2. The O-man gave me a present out of the blue...a video Ipod! It was meant to be for Xmas but he gave it to me for my 'saints day'. This is a french custom, and my real name doesn't exist in french but he just made one up for me!

3. We found a 24lb pumpkin and carved out a great Jack O lantern...and I feel better today

4. I have the weekend off work...yippeeeeeee

Ok so that was 4 smarty pants...I guess the balance is tipped to the positive this week! Have a great weekend and new week everyone!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Damn Coffee Heath Bar Crunch !

I am weak! Weak, weak weak!

As you can see I am having a day (2 actually) of deep self loathing.

Today I promised myself I would go out and do some shopping, run some errands, have a little crazy fun. But I lolled around the house for the 2nd day in a row, ate a whole container of Coffee heath bar crunch (merci Ben and Jerry's!) and surfed the internet all day. In effect I achieved nothing...except consume 53% of my daily intake of saturated fat in just 20 minutes!!

I am depressed, in a serious rut and I don't really know fact everything in my life is in one way or another unfinished yet I am unmotivated to start or complete anything.

Except for that damn icecream...ohhhh I am sooooo weak, and a little nauseous right now!

Monday, October 09, 2006

3BT and An Autumn Day

In honour of Clare's blogsite 3 beautiful things that I have encountered today:

1. Waking up to my O-man covering me up with a snuggly blanket because I looked cold to him, then drifting blissfully back to sleep toasty warm.

2. Watching squirrels jumping from tree branch to tree branch as the yellowing leaves float down to the autumn leaf carpet below.

3. Drinking hot coffee while standing on the roof deck in the last of the warm sun as a fresh chilly wind whips around me...the city is quiet, its Columbus day holiday, no cars, trucks or police sirens...blissful peace.

And the day has just begun...

Thanks for the inspiration Clare!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Tell me lies, tell me...

...sweet little lies.
What if you knew you did something wrong that could seriously hurt someone, would you own up to it? Even if it meant the end of your career, your relationship or your reputation?
What about those 'white' lies that are considered not harmful...are they?
What about 'ommissions', not really a lie right? What people dont know wont harm them?
Its sooooo hard to know when to lie and when not to.
In my career we tell all sorts of sweet little lies, just to help people get through the day, to stay distant, to stay human...perhaps to prevent ourselves from being human? To protect others and ourselves.
In relationships white lies and omissions occur to protect the ones we love ... but will karma kick our butts in the end? Is protecting more important and less hurtful than honesty and taking responsibility for your actions?
I'm tired of all these sweet little lies...I dont need to be protected and people better start taking responsibility for themselves cause I wont do it anymore for them. And I'll do the same!